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Bolt Park Slovensko

Introducing the landing page especially developed for Bolt Drivers (Slovakia) by ERA Digital Group.

Bolt is a popular ride sharing company that operates in various cities across the world. The Bolt company in Slovakia was looking to improve the experience of its drivers and provide them with a centralized platform where they can access all the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Our team made a user-friendly and intuitive web-platform that allows drivers to quickly find the information they need. Also, the website has been optimized for mobile devices, allowing drivers to access it on the go.

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Services provided

Web Development

Website Maintenance

Features Analysis


Art Direction

Vladyslav Kurtekov

Graphic Design

Vladyslav Mozen


Dmitri Vovchenko

Roman Trishnikov

Project Management

Nazarii Kozachok


Olga Kornienko

Brand Strategy

Lana Kolomiets


Max Yarmoliev