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Crypto Bikes

NFT marketplace

Introducing the NFT Marketplace for CryptoBikes – the ultimate platform for collectors and enthusiasts of digital collectibles.

We made a creative and stylish
web-design for marketplace wich offers a unique opportunity to own and trade one-of-a-kind, verified digital assets in the form of CryptoBikes.

Each CryptoBike is a unique, non-fungible token backed by the blockchain, ensuring their authenticity and scarcity. Browse their collection of visually stunning, high-quality bikes and make your mark in the world of digital collectibles.

Join the revolution and take your place in the NFT space with ERA Digital Group today!

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Services provided

UI/UX Design

Web Design



Art Direction

Vladyslav Kurtekov

Graphic Design

Vladyslav Mozen


Dmitri Vovchenko

Roman Trishnikov

Project Management

Nazarii Kozachok


Olga Kornienko

Brand Strategy

Lana Kolomiets


Max Yarmoliev