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Soul of Nomad

Premium one-brand platform

Soul of Nomad is a sophisticated one-stop-shop for modern travelers offering a wide range of fashionable and functional lifestyle products. Their mission is to enhance the adventure experience by making it effortless and stylish. With a focus on premium quality, Soul of Nomad is the perfect solution for those who seek to elevate their travel experience.

Our team made a website with eye-catching graphics, intuitive navigation, and user-friendly functionality that makes it easy for visitors to learn about the nomadic lifestyle, find inspiration, and connect with like-minded individuals.

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Services provided

Web Development

Web Design

SEO Optimization


Art Direction

Vladyslav Kurtekov

Graphic Design

Vladyslav Mozen


Dmitri Vovchenko

Roman Trishnikov

Project Management

Nazarii Kozachok


Olga Kornienko

Brand Strategy

Lana Kolomiets


Max Yarmoliev